Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement

These Terms and Conditions include Our Privacy Policy. They may be amended from time to time. They will govern your [“You”] access and use of the website https://canadalankamatrimony.com and its related services. By accessing and using canadalankamatrimony.com and its related services You agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Services

Canadalankamatrimony.com provides online advertising space and related services which You receive for a nominal fee and for a period of 1 month(30 days), to advertise personal information and data either of your own or of a consenting third party [“Third Party”] for the purpose of seeking a matching prospective matrimonial partner[“Matrimonial Advertisement”], and also use the related services for such purpose

3. About Us

The website canadalankamatrimony.com is owned by Smart E Shops Inc, [“We”, “Us”, or “Our”] and third party licensors provide the Services.

Smart E Shops Inc is a corporation duly incorporated in United States and having its registered office at 651 N Broad Street, Suit 206, Middletown, DE, USA.

4. Eligibility Criteria

To access and use canadalankamatrimony.com, You and any third party on whose behalf You may be accessing and using the Site:

  • Must not be less than 18 years of age;
  • Must not be a minor under the laws and regulations applicable to You (and to any Third Party); and
  • Must be legally competent to marry under the laws and regulations applicable to You (and to any Third Party).

5. Advertizing Content

You will provide the content of the Matrimonial Advertisement which will comprise personal information and data in text and images, [“Content”] and which You will upload for inclusion on canadalankamatrimony.com. We reserve the right to edit or if necessary delete at any time any part of the content, at our sole discretion and without warning or notice to You, in order to safeguard and preserve the integrity and ethical profile of canadalankamatrimony.com.

All images uploaded and made available on canadalankamatrimony.com, bear a watermark. This is to provide for easy identification and dissuade the images being used for purposes other than those to which You, as an advertiser, have consented.

6. Conditions Governing use of the Site

By accessing and using matrimony.com, You represent and warrant that:

  • You, and any third party on whose behalf You are using the Site, satisfy the eligibility criteria in item 2 above;
  • Any third party on whose behalf You have uploaded Content has consented to your doing so.
  • All personal information and data placed on the Matrimonial Advertisement by You are true, accurate, current, complete and legally valid; and
  • You and a Third Party (if any) on whose behalf You are using the Site are not prohibited by the laws and regulations applicable to each of you or by any contractual third party rights to disclose, advertise, license, and or publish your personal information and data on canadalankamatrimony.com.
  • You and a third party (if any) on whose behalf You are using the Site are not prohibited by applicable laws and regulations and or by any contractual third party rights to consent and authorize Us to collect, process, use, share and or disclose personal information and data .

7. Confidentiality

The Privacy Policy explains how personal information and data are collected, used, shared, disclosed or otherwise processed. The Site uses cookies and similar technologies.

By using canadalankamatrimony.com, you consent to the collection, processing, using, sharing, and or disclosing of personal information and data provided by you in line with the Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy for details.

8. Withdrawal & Cancellation of Matrimonial Advertisement

Advertisers can unpublish their ads at any time by themselves. If they wish to have all the content removed from our databases, they can request so via email.

The advertising fee is non-refundable unless the advertiser requests the refund before the ad is being published on the website. (Within the review period)

9. Intellectual Property

Canadalankamatrimony.com, and its databases, text, photographs, logos, trademarks and all other intellectual property created and or used in canadalankamatrimony.com, including without limitation all software, design work, layout, appearance, graphics etc, are owned by Us or are licensed to Us and are protected by the Intellectual Property laws of USA.No material on canadalankamatrimony.com may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, republished, stored, photographed, transmitted, installed, posted, or distributed without Our written permission.

10. Indemnity

By accessing and using canadalankamatrimony.com You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Smart E Shops Inc, its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against all claims or actions by third parties and any losses, expenses, damages and costs including attorneys fees resulting from any violation by You of these Terms and Conditions including negligent or wrongful conduct by You in accessing and using canadalankamatrimony.com.

11. Termination / Its Consequences

This Agreement will terminate forthwith in the following situations:

  • On the expiry of the advertising term of 1 month (30 days); or
  • On your withdrawing your Matrimonial Advertisement during the advertising term; or
  • By a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, by You and any Third Party on whose behalf You are using Our Services including of any representation or warranty therein, or of any applicable law or regulation; or

Consequences of termination include Our right to forthwith and without notice to you or liability terminate your access to and use of canadalankamatrimony.com. and delete your Content from the Site

12. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of USA. The Courts of USA, with the District Court of Delaware as the Court of first instance, shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to all disputes arising under or in relation to this Agreement.